Terms & Conditions


Pick up and delivery is from your door unless residential area restrictions apply. If your vehicle is inoperable or oversize (dual or oversize wheels, racks, lifted, limo, etc.), extra charges may be applied. If carrier is not advised of inoperable or oversized vehicles prior to pick-up, all extra charges must be paid in cash or money order, at customer discretion, made payable to delivery company.

The carrier and driver jointly and separately are authorized to operate and transport his/her or their motor vehicle between its pick up location and the destination set forth on this shipping order-bill of lading.

Shipper shall remove any non-permanent mounted racks on your vehicle. This includes luggage racks. Your vehicle must in good, running condition (unless previous arrangements have been made). Please make sure that your vehicle has no more than half a tank of gas. If at all possible, we prefer it to have less than a quarter tank of gas. This helps us to get your vehicle to its new destination safely.

Fleet Express Auto Transport recommends that you remove all luggage and personal items from your vehicle. Any items left in your vehicle must weigh less than 100 total pounds and must be placed securely in the trunk. Fleet Express Auto Transport is not responsible for these personal items in any way. Damage caused to your vehicle by these personal items is also not our responsibility. If you choose to rent a vehicle, it is at your own expense Fleet Express Auto Transport does not agree to pay for your rental vehicle. Fleet Express Auto Transport is not responsible for any mechanical problems or any failure of mechanical or moving parts on your vehicle.

Fleet Express Auto Transport strives to work with carriers known for their care during transport. Damage claims are very rare. However, if your vehicle is damaged during transport, all trucking damage claims are the sole responsibility of your assigned carrier. Your carrier is required to carry insurance. If you wish to pursue a claim, it must be noted and signed at the time of delivery and then submitted in writing to the specific carrier as outlined in the terms listed in the bill of lading. Fleet Express Auto Transport is not responsible for these claims. Upon request we can provide insurance information for the carriers, but we are not responsible for these damages. The carrier alone is responsible for your vehicle while it is in their possession.

Do not leave any electronic items, valuables, alcohol, drugs or firearms in your vehicle.

International orders, the car must be empty except for factory installed equipment. Indicate serial #, and give car’s approximate value in U.S. dollars. Shipper is responsible for the proper customs paperwork. (Ask the assigned carrier for help with these documents)

This shipment and any shipment are subject to all terms and conditions from the carriers’ tariff and the uniform straight bill of lading. Copies of these documents are available by request from your carriers’ office.
This supersedes all prior written or oral representation of Fleet Express Auto Transport and constitutes the entire agreement between shipper and Fleet Express Auto Transport and may not be changed except in writing signed by an officer of Fleet Express Auto Transport.

Fleet Express Auto Transport U.S. Department of Transportation Broker’s license number is 769016


what customers say about us

As a private individual, this shipper exceeded my expectations. Easy, efficient.


Outstanding customer service couldn’t be happier with the service always updating me on whatever was going on and had complete confidence in Fleet Express. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to ship their car

Albar Silva

My first time Transporting a car. And getting quotes can be very misleading so I appreciated the extra time spent by Fleet Express explaining how carriers work. The process went exactly as she explained it to me. I would use them again if I ever have to move a car again. Thanks!

Jason Williams

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